Why We Exist


Who We Are

It is the mission of GHA to provide relief and development to individuals and communities affected by conflict, disaster, or disease.

The communities and individuals GHA serves are oftentimes the most marginalized, exacerbating their need for immediate aid and attention.  GHA seeks to serve people through personal relationships, demonstrating a commitment to knowing by name beneficiaries of GHA’s relief services.  God knows their names, as we bring relief in His name; we want to know them by name too.

GHA goes into action when the normal structures of relief and development programs cannot help. Children and women caught in such extreme crisis receive the extra, life-saving attention needed for those who would not otherwise survive. Internationally, this might call for special ‘life flight’ type transportation to remote hospitals. Domestically, this might call for interventions in the lives of homeless and distraught ‘motel families’, where social services have been exhausted. Intervention at the point of last resort, this is the work of Global Hope in Action.  



Giving Hope International (GHI), the Umbrella organization for Global Hope in Action was created on May 1, 2002 and incorporated in the State of California on May 3, 2002. The Internal Revenue Service, on August 27, 2002, declared GHI to be a 501 (c) (3) corporation, exempt from federal income tax. GHI operates on a fiscal year from May 1 to April 30.

GHI was developed on May 1, 2002 as a subsidiary of Global Operations and Development/Giving Children Hope (GCH), in Placentia, Orange County, California. As a ten-year-old relief and development organization, GCH and its founders, John and wife had committed their lives to helping the world’s neediest through the delivery of medical supplies and equipment to the most economically impacted parts of the world.

As part of that mission, however, it became obvious that more was needed to help frequently encountered individuals whose conditions needed immediate and customized help to ensure their survival. Global Hope in Action (GHA) was created to care for individual cases where traditional relief and development activities would either be too late, or too little, to care for their particular needs.

While mass distribution of goods and services often spells the difference in survival during crisis situations, GHA believes that true and long-lasting ministry occurs through relationships, and that starts with getting to know the needy by name. GHA works with agencies and churches that care for individuals and communities through established and personal relationships.

GHA particularly chooses to work with groups who are helping marginalized groups, and who have established relationships of quality and depth. We look for groups who want to move beyond the superficial aspects of relief aid by forming alliances with beneficiary communities and individuals.

GHA works closely with its partners to ensure that no child is left without someone to care for their needs. This is an ambitious mission! Yet, working with the poor is more than sending help to the masses, it is caring enough to learn of individual needs, care for them personally, touch them with the love of God.


— Our Mission

Global Hope in Action (GHA) is a faith-based non-profit that actively pursues the giving of hope and healing to the least, the last and the forgotten in our world. GHIA focuses on building relationships, telling the untold story of the good done by others, being an advocate
for raising awareness and support, and delivering that support to those on the front lines.


— Our Vision

By locating and providing funding sources and tangible donated goods and services, in tandem with our partners, we rescue those caught in the grips of disaster, disease, and poverty. GHA will serve our partnerships by turning the abundance of surplus medical supplies, clothing, hygiene, food and other relief resources into a living stream of opportunity and blessing. Recycling is the key to our ability to provide these goods to a world crying out for help.


— Our Story

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